Âĺđíóňüń˙ íŕ ńŕéň

Specific character of our services

Services we do not render and why

Before describing the range of our services, we consider it essential to list the services which we do not render on principle taking into account the clients we work with and the kind of service we provide.

As it was mentioned above we have our own niche in the market and a specific specialization.  In spite of a wide range of services for businessmen, we do not render the ones of an applied, minor, technical and simple character. We aspire to provide services of a complicated, exclusive nature which demand in-depth analysis and analytical work. This is much more rewarding from the professional and economic points of view.

Among the services which can hardly be called legal
and which we DO NOT RENDER are the following:

- Firms registration, alterations in the articles of association, especially the so called  “sale” of ready-made firms with a nominal head,
- Liquidation of enterprises
- Registration of ??? in the Financial Market Federal Service
- Registration of the right of ownership to immovable property and deals connected with it
- Coordination of various projects, re-planning, getting officials’ permissions etc, with the help of bribes, personal contacts etc.
- Obtaining and renewal of licenses which is not a legal service in itself due to its nature when success depends mainly on the amount of bribe given rather than good knowledge of law.

We render some of the above mentioned services extremely rarely and only for our regular clients, taking into consideration their specific wishes and protection of confidentiality.

Given our specialization we DO NOT RENDER the following services:

- Consumer protection;
- Protection of housing, family and other “common” rights;
- Labour rights protection with the exception of top-managers dismissal in companies;
- Settlement of disputes over inheritance, division of property etc.;
- Criminal justice cases, excluding cases of tax and other “financial” crimes;
- Recovery of damages and debts caused by road-traffic accidents;
- Recovery of damage in case of health harm;
- Protection of honour and dignity, except for protection of business reputation of entrepreneurs.

Given specific nature of some services, we do not render the following services:

- Trade marks registration, issuing patents on inventions, industrial models, useful models etc.  
- Copyright protection, protection of intellectual property etc. We think that our colleagues who specialize in rendering this particular kind of service will do it much better and cheaper since they do it professionally and on a regular basis. 

This is an approximate list of services we do not render because of the reasons mentioned above. However, thanks to close cooperation with highly qualified experts in these spheres we are always eager to give advice and recommendations to those who turn to our help.

If our regular clients wish we control the quality of services rendered by our colleagues and partners, thus acting like mediators. Being responsible for the legal support of the client’s business we are as much interested in the high quality of our service as the client himself. This accounts for our urge towards showing the initiative.

And finally, we are strongly against of bribes as a way of solving the problem by offering the judge, prosecutor, official, i.e. any person whom the decision depends on, a certain sum of money. Due to traditions in our firm and certain ethical rules we do not get involved in such activity on principle, nothing to say about the criminal nature of such services which many of our colleagues live on. We are not interested in it because we are used to earning money using our intellectual potential. In spite of the fact that we do have a lot of business contacts, partnership and friendly relationships with many officials in power bodies, we never abuse their trust, as well as our clients’ trust. It is only thanks to our authority that the officials agree to assist us in achieving high aims which do not contradict law. 

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