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About us

Law company “Ardashev and Partners”
(Russia / Ural / Yekaterinburg)

Vladimir L. Ardashev, Managing partner

Vladimir L. Ardashev,
Managing partner

Yaroslav G. Savin, parner, director of the Centre of business structuring and tax safety

Yaroslav G. Savin,
Partner, director of the Centre of business structuring and tax safety

Sergey V.Palkin, partner, director of the Centre of the business-conflicts resolution

Sergey V. Palkin,
Partner, director of the Centre of the business-conflicts resolution

For more than 13 years the law firm “Ardashev and Partners” has been working in the sphere of legal consulting providing reliable overwhelming law and tax support for its clients and protecting them from violence of power bodies and illegal actions of contractors.

Our mission puts forward highly intellectual and creative resolution of the most complex and non-standard tax and law problems on the junction of business – power – taxes spreading far beyond the standard competence of a lawyer, accountant and tax consultant. Therefore, we are absolutely serious when we call ourselves “law emergency service”.

We manned our company with highly qualified experts whose expertise lies in various areas of law and knowledge which enables us to effectively accomplish tasks of any difficulty. Law is only one of the tools we have at our disposal together with strategy and tactics, art of management, politics, psychology, economics, marketing. Sometimes respect to our experts’ opinion is enough for the counterpart to discontinue a fruitless “war”.

Our basic competitive advantages are as follows - a brand name, trust and references of our numerous clients, a perfect project management system and top quality of our service based on partnership. Long term experience, clear specialization and our own niche in the market, in-depth analysis of our client’s problems, flexibility, a unique team of qualified experts united by the idea of setting up the best law company in the Urals are among other competitive advantages.

Our specialization

  • Modeling of a secure and economically optimal business structure.
  • Management of tax risks
  • Management of conflicts and problem asserts
  • Law support of investment projects and transactions. Due diligence
  • Development of complex nonstandard agreements and corporate documents.
  • Tax planning, including international one.
  • Protection of taxpayers’ rights. Tax disputes.
  • Support of external economic transactions.
  • Administrative disputes. Protection from sanctions and abuse of power.
  • Economic disputes. Representation in courts of justice and power bodies.
  • Sophisticated law expertise and research.
  • Law mediation in negotiations, disputes and transactions.
  • Law and tax consulting. Seminars. Round table

We take special pride in our scientific, educational and social activities.
Thanks to our efforts the Constitutional Court proved art.5 cl.59 of Administrative Code non-constitutional (July 2004).
Since 2000 we have been organizing seminars and round table. Besides, our firm was the first one to organize and run on a regular basis the Urals professional tax forum which is the place for a constructive dialogue with the state authority.

Our web-site is unique thanks to the amount of detailed information it provides and its unprecedented openness. Here you can find brochures, articles, and recommendations on the topical issues in the sphere of tax law as well as some samples of expertise, contracts and a lot of other interesting and usefulinformation.

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