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Our competitive advantages

1. Stability, effective management, expenses minimization due to a relatively small size of the company and the number of specialists working in it. These factors also determine reasonable prices.

2. Narrow specialization accounts for deep knowledge of the subject. We aim at complicated, unusual tasks which highly motivate our specialists and stimulate their work.

3. Individual approach to the client and an exclusive character of services. Emphasis on long term relationships with the clients, constant monitoring of their problems in order to prevent their causes. All this helps to establish close and trustworthy relationships with the client.  

4. Dynamic development of the firm, increasing competition and application of our Moscow and foreign colleagues knowledge accounts for the efficient use of resources, management optimization and the firms focus on clients needs.

5. Efficient human resources management.

6. Each of our clients gets equal attention to their problems which are solved professionally. In case when this can not be done due to the narrow specialization of the company, we reassign it to our reliable partners and colleagues.

7. Our aim is to achieve high results for our client. This makes our services more attractive and enhances our responsibility for achieving the aims the client set. It is our rule that the client pays for the achieved economic result.

8. The use of reliable and efficient methods of solving the clients problems which considerably cuts the risks of failure and use of sanctions against the client by tax, law and power bodies.

9. All the above mentioned advantages together with the Managing partners personal control over every procedure of the firm provide in the long run an efficient system of the services quality control.


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Our competitive advantages