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Our specialization

In this section we define what and how we can do for a businessman.  To make the information about our service more convenient we have put it into several sections which provide a detailed description of the main spheres of our activity. 

A list of our services can be found here.

Our firm has a very narrow specialization and its own niche in the market. The section Services we do not render and why will help you get a clear idea about our specialization.

The main spheres of our activity are listed below:

 Long-term legal support for business.
 Contract work optimization. Contract modeling.
 Business planning, risks minimization, management of finance.
 Tax minimization. Tax planning.
 Accounting and tax optimization.
 Protection of taxpayers rights. Tax disputes.
 Administrative disputes.
 Foreign Trade Activity: provision of legal ssafety.
 Economic disputes. Participation in courts of justice.
 Legal audit.
 Mediation: law mediation in transactions, disputes and investment projects.
 Development of company rules and local normative acts.
 Legal expertise.
 Organization of seminars, master classes.


Our specialization

Specific character of our services

List of services

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