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Membership in Organizations

Ural Judicial Chamber

The Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Ural Judicial Chamber

Noncommercial Partnership “Ural self-regulating organization of professional participators in the market of legal services “Ural Judicial Chamber” (UJC) was established on December 22, 2005. It is the first in the Ural formally registered organization for self-regulation of the law business.

An impulse for creation of UJC was given by the first Conference “Law business in the Ural: formation, development, current status and prospects”, which was organized and conducted by our firm in Yekaterinburg on December 08, 2005.

Goals and tasks of the Ural Judicial Chamber

  • development of the system of control over the participants of the market of legal services that would enable making the law business civilized, socially responsible, improving public image and respect to the legal profession (approval of the Code of professional ethics of the lawyer, of Standards of legal service rendering, organization of operation of the Professional Ethics Commission on a regular basis);
  • professional cooperation, protection of professional interests;
  • promotion of formation of the civil club and of a law-governed state by improving of the legal culture of economic agents and population, of the legal groundwork for entrepreneurial activities, protection of rights and legitimate interests of representatives of business and of citizens, of the efficient cooperation with government authorities.

Projects run

  • Seminars
  • Annual Conference “Law business in the Ural”
  • Projects of firms-members of the Partnership

Firms-members of the Partnership

OOO “Law Agency “Tsentr Pravovykh Reshenii “AVAL”

ZAO “Law Center “Advocaty Biznesa”


ZAO Agency of legal safety INTELLECT-S

OOO “Corporation “LEV”

ZAO Law Firm “LEV”

ZAO “Uralskoye Informatsionnoye Agentstvo”

OOO Law Company “ENSO”

OOO “Yuridicheskoye Agentstvo-93”

OOO Private Law Office “Yuriko”

OOO Law firm “YURLIGA”

OOO “Yurfin”

Contacts of the Ural Judicial Chamber

Russia, 620063, Sverdlovskaya oblast
Yekaterinburg, ul. 8 Marta, 73 (ul. Bolshakova, 87), office 6.

Acting Chamber Executive: Anfyorova Nataliya Sergeyevna

Telephone: +7 (343) 383-41-95


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Membership in Organizations

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