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XI Ural professional tax forum

Taxation risks - 2008. Who will be inspected and how?

December 20, 2007, Yekaterinburg, conference room of the hotel “Moskovskaya Gorka” (ul. Moscovskaya, 131)
Participation fee: 1900 rubles
Registration by the telephone:  +7 (343) 350-93-55/27 or the e-mail:

According to Ministry of Finance, the reform of the tax control in Russia is practically finished, however, from the point of view of the law enforcement practice, it has just started! In 2007, Federal Administration of Taxation of the Russian Federation worked out a new concept of assignment and carrying out of field tax inspections; indicative indices of financial and economic activities of taxpayers were implemented, methods of disclosure of tax “patterns”, ephemerous firms were adjusted, judicial and arbitration practice and tax crime deterrence have been improved.

What has the year of 2008 in store for taxpayers? How will tax administration practice develop, what methods will taxation authorities apply when carrying out cameral and field tax inspections? How should one control tax risks and carry out business and not to leave himself wide open?

Those and other vexed questions will be subject of interesting reports and heated discussions at the Forum.

Program the Forum

1. New concept of assignment and conduction of field tax inspection (Order of the Federal Administration of Taxation of the RF from 30.05.07.)
2. Criteria of evaluation of risks for taxpayers. Who is the first to be inspected and how?
3. Unprofitable companies, high VAT withholdings, low wages: how do taxation bodies fight them?
4. New methods of tax inspections. Methods of disclosure of tax “patterns”.
5. What are the external information sources? How and whence does the information come to taxation authorities?
6. Secret instructional guidelines for taxation bodies concerning VAT, Uniform Social Tax and income tax.
7. Affiliated structures. Ways of finding the Beneficiary through the ephemerous firm.
8. Business goal and inconsistency tax benefit: arbitration practice-2007.
9. Innovations in the Tax Code of the RF. Initiatives of Ministry of Finance in respect to struggle against transfer pricing and offshore operations.
10. Tax risks-2008: risk monitoring and control. Practical guidelines from consultants.

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XI Ural professional tax forum

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