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Offer to investors and property developers

to Developers, Investors, Property Developers and Building Companies
(organizational and administrative partnership)

Our company has a wide experience in complex simulation and monitoring of different investment projects related to land development, securing, registration and development, and attraction of investments from natural and legal persons (co-investors, part-holders, etc.).

Experts of our company have worked out and repeatedly implemented in practice efficient models of attraction of investments for residential and commercial building (shared building of blocks, shopping and office complexes, cottage settlements) and organization of a Group of noncommercial and commercial organizations (cooperative, noncommercial partnership, Russian companies and nonresidents). We have worked out a complete package of contractual documentation (contracts for share participation in building, investments contracts, partnership contracts, agency contracts, contractor agreements, etc.).

Competitive advantage of the above models and contractual schemes consists in the following:

1) Provision of reliable economic and legal guarantees, decrease in investment risks for the Project participators;

2) Stipulation and harmonious combination of all the aspects of the investment Project: management, political, psychological, marketing, economic, financial, legal, tax and bookkeeping;

3) Taking into account of interests of each participant in the investment project (in the process of construction): land owner, property developer, investor, customer, part holders, general contractor, contractors, etc.

4) Taking into account of national characteristics of the procedures of obtaining, legal and documentary registration of rights to land plots, contractual attraction of monetary resources of part holders.

5) They are not typical and take into account all nuances, characteristics and wishes of the corresponding participator in the investment project.

6) They are aimed at the actually economical and not technical settling of the corresponding task within a short term and in the most rational ways in respect to the intellectual, staff, administrative, timing and economic resources.

Our offer compares favourably by the team-based and systemic approach to the analysis, simulation and support of the investment projects in the field of building. Our product guarantees legal and tax safety of the project, ensures its unanimousity (private and public), prevents the risks of litigations and administrative disputes.

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Taking into account the exclusive format of partnership and of the current offer, as well as its orientation to medium and large business, we ask you to send your offers (quotations) directly to Managing Partner Vladimir Leonidovitch Ardashev (e-mail:


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Offer to investors and property developers

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