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Brand name

Information about the trade mark’s registration

The notion of a brand name

Our slogan

Information about the trade mark’s registration

Certificate of the trade markThe firm’s trade mark is registered in accordance with the requirements of the RF Law dated 23.09.92 N 3520-1(changed on 24.12.02) “On trade marks and names of the goods’ place of origin” (named hereafter –the Law).

The decision about the firm’s trade mark registration was made on 26 February 2004 by the Trade Marks Expertise Department of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIIP).

The trade mark was registered on 25 September, order No 2002720041.

The LLC “Ardashev and Partners” is granted the exclusive rights for this trade mark (named hereafter – the Right Holder).

An official description of the trade mark in concordance with the application for registration:
”A black silhouette of a middle-aged man in an English coat and cap smoking a pipe. A double oval line of different thickness sets off the silhouette. All this helps to reproduce the image of the detective Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle’s literary character. The image stands for a brilliant intellect, perfect analytical thinking, wit, decisiveness and dignity”.

Legal protection of the Holder’s exclusive rights for the trade mark:
According to art. 4 of the Law the Right Holder can use the trade mark and forbid other persons to use it. No one is allowed to use the trade mark protected in the Russian Federation without the Holder of the rights’ consent.
It is considered illegal to use the trade mark or similar to it on the territory of the Russian Federation without the Right Holder’s consent. It must not be used for identifying the goods which it was registered for or similar to them. The trade mark must not be placed on the following:

1. Goods, labels, packaging of these goods, which are produced, offered for sale, are sold, shown on exhibitions and fairs or are otherwise put into civil circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation, or are stored and/or transferred with such an aim or are imported to the territory of the Russian Federation;
2. When doing a job, rendering services;
3. On documents connected with putting the goods into civil circulation ;
4. On offers for selling goods;
5. In the Internet, particularly in the domain name or other ways of addressing;

Goods, labels, packaging of these goods, on which the trade mark or the image similar to it is used illegally are considered counterfeit.

In accordance with art. 24 of the Law the Right Holder can put the Latin letter “R” next to the trade mark or the Latin letter “R” in a semicircle or write down “the trade mark” or “the registered trade mark” indicating that the image used is the trade mark registered in the Russian Federation.
In accordance with art. 25 of the Law the Right Holder can grant the exclusive right for the use of the trade mark to another incorporated person or a natural person doing business under the contract of granting the exclusive right for the trade mark use.

The Right Holder (Licensor) can grant the right for the trade mark use to an incorporated person or a natural person doing business (Licensee) under the license contract for the whole or part of the commodities, which it is registered for. The license contract should include the term that the Licensee’s quality of goods will be not worse than that of the Licensor and that the Licensor will see to it that this condition is met (art. 26 of the Law).

The notion of a brand name

Law firm Ardashev&Partners Trade MarkThe image of Sherlock Holmes as the most prominent detective ever has been chosen for our brand since it fully corresponds to the company’s mission and reflects our competitive advantages and differences from our numerous colleagues. The image is original, eye-catching and evokes certain associations.

The work of our firm, similar to that done by Sherlock Holmes, is based on the use of a well - thought strategy and tactics. This demands from our employees such qualities of a famous detective as attentiveness, observance, wit, good memory, analytical mind, a nonstandard, creative and out of ordinary approach to solving the problem, artistry, perfect knowledge of law and related subjects (especially psychology and logic), courage, persistence and ability to quickly come up with the right decisions.

Just like Sherlock Holmes we do not play with power bodies but rather help them to improve and give assistance for the businessman using the technologies which we developed. Law and justice are not the same thing, that is why when dealing with a difficult problem it is necessary not only to use one’s knowledge of law but also be creative, imaginative and witty.

Our aim is to do our job in the best way possible, efficiently solve our clients’ problems in spite of the risk and danger. This is what we are respected for. It is our clients’ trust and recommendations rather than glory and fame that are of primary importance to us. This accounts for high responsibility and selflessness of our employees who consider the client’s problem their own problem.

A high level of professionalism, strong passion for what we are doing, aspiration for knowledge and creativity are things we have in common with Sherlock Holmes. The knowledge of law alone does not necessarily lead to success. Apart from it one should be able to apply this knowledge, constantly broaden experience, develop professional skills and try to make the profession of a lawyer a real art.

And the last but not the least. Being our brand the image of Sherlock Holmes lays on us responsibility and does not give us right to mistake. Doing our business well we would like to revive in our lawyers the noble qualities of a famous detective.

Our slogan


Our slogan as well as the brand emphasizes the main idea of our firm, its mission and a special way. Our slogan also reflects the main aims of the firm, namely resolution of complex problems Russian (and not only Russian) businessmen face.

Every day while defending the client’s interests in court, searching the answers to difficult questions and solution of complex problems we create and improve new (advanced) technologies for the businessmen protection. Since there are many of them we would like to give a brief outline.

Our main clients and partners are entrepreneurs. They are brave, witty, active, interesting. They are not afraid of difficulties and risk but rather like them. They value freedom and time. For the majority of them money is not the aim but a criterion of success, something that provides security. Working hard they contribute to the country’s economic development. They offer original ideas, stimulate our own development, make us think harder and learn new things in the sphere of contract and tax law.

One can argue long about the contradictory qualities of our businessmen but it goes without saying that they form the basis for the economic reforms in Russia and made our government respect human rights.

However, it will take a lot of time to make the cooperation between the businessman and power bodies effective. Our firm is well aware of the problems modern businessmen face nowadays and strives for helping them to effectively solve them using advanced technologies and methods. We think in a creative way and challenge common stereotypes.

Bribes are no longer an effective way of solving problems. In order not to overpay taxes, grant property guarantees when drawing up and performing contracts, protect oneself from the power bodies abuse, one should be able to think independently. Nowadays professionalism, competence and responsibility are relevant for the power bodies in the same way as they are for an individual. Presidential administrative reforms are aimed at attracting more people. By and by, people who are used to taking bribes and not working leave.

It is high time for the reforms in all spheres of life, law included. This accounts for the introduction of new technologies and completely new legal methods of problem solving. New technologies, in turn, presuppose a new level of quality, new services and completely different requirements for modern lawyers. Originality, creativeness, ability to think, analyze, compare and offer new ideas are among those qualities which our firm values most.

A diploma, a rank, education, a research degree, an apartment, a car and rich parents - all this does not mean anything at all. It is the mind that matters most. Personal traits of character, mind, knowledge and experience are of primary importance. What we expect from our specialists is their professionalism, ability to achieve aims they set and leadership qualities.

If you fail to prove all this then our firm is not for you. We are searching lawyers obsessed with what they do, creative and talented. Other things like descent and where a person comes from are irrelevant.

Our permanent professional growth results from hard cases which we are eager to handle. We are not interested in rendering such standard services as registration, firms’ liquidation, projects’ support, representation in court. All this looks more like a handicraft whereas we consider our profession a real art. It may sound unusual but it is originality and novelty that are always interesting.

A smart and purposeful person does not work for the sake of money but rather aspires to personal and professional development. Our firm gives a person such an opportunity which encourages him to work much more efficiently than his colleague in the law department of a large enterprise. Routine, monotony, absence of prospects undermine the person’s emotional state and no money can compensate for this. Our firm encourages creativity, initiative and independence. Only people with such qualities are capable of creating new technologies.

At present we are a small but ra5ther strong firm. We are not afraid of business gurus. We do not consider many large law firms in Yekaterinburg our competitors. We have our own niche, our clients and a specific range of services. However, we are honest about our aim which is to be the leader. It is natural to be ambitious and wish further development.
Life is very dynamic, things change very quickly. From the philosophical point of view the storage effect can hardly be observed.
That is why we like struggle and competition. Moreover, we are for their intensification since they make us develop all the time, think about and improve the quality of our services. In wildlife the strongest one wins, in society it is the smartest one.

Information is essential for us and we do not save on it. We have a substantial and interesting collection of books, modern communications facilities, comprehensive and regularly updated legal databases. He who possesses the information, possesses the world. However, it is not enough just to have the information. One should be able to efficiently use it, analyze and apply to a certain situation.
Sometimes there are many ways of solving the problem but it is essential to choose the only one that will prove right. Our technologies are aimed at finding this right solution. If you know the aim, it is not difficult to achieve it.

Thus, our firm is interested in developing strategy for the business and solving complex problems rather than sticking into routine. Our team does not consist of many specialists. It is a kind of an emergency service which accomplishes special tasks using different methods, skills and technologies. As a famous Russian general A. Suvorov put it: it is a high quality rather than a large quantity that matters.

We hope that thanks to such an original form of narration we managed to outline the main ideas our firm is based on, since it is the idea and the thought each enterprise, as well as a new technology, begins with. This is what our slogan implies.