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Steps of development

January 1995 – A decision was made to set up a firm that would sell law books.

17 March 1995 – The firm’s birthday. Founders – 3 third-year students of the Urals Law Academy: Vladimir Ardashev, Igor Suhanov (nowadays a judge), Igor Zirenshikov (nowadays a judge). The firm was called after its alma mater “Academy- Ltd.”

April 1995 – Opening of a bookstore marked the beginning of law books retail sale.

16 April 1996 - Ardashev V. remained the only member of the Company.

October 1997 – The firm changed the sphere of activity and started rendering legal services.

10 November – The second edition of the firm’s regulations.

9 December 1997 – A license for rendering legal services was obtained.

November 1998 – Relocation of the office: hotel “Euroasia” (Lenin Street 40, office 422).

22 January 1999 - The third edition of the firm’s regulations. The firm’s documents were brought to conformity with the law on limited companies. The firm was renamed “Ardashev and Partners”.

June 1999 – Relocation of the office: Mamin-Sibiryak Street 85, office 505.

Spring –summer 2000 – A crucial moment for the firm. Choice of  OUR OWN WAY. Beginning of thorough study of tax, customs and currency law, international private law, external economic activity.

September 2000 – Our firm became the member of the Urals Trade Chamber which helped us to get involved in the organization of seminars, establish contact with different unions of businessmen from Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region.

November 2000 – Relocation to the present day office (Mamin-Sibiryak 85, office 309) marked a new stage of our development.

December 2000 – Running seminars for businessmen. The first one was held  under the aegis of the Centre “Business Education” (private law regulation of external economic activity).

March – April 2001 – The firm got access to the Internet and e-mail. Its own domain was registered (

19 June 2001 – The fourth edition of the firm’s regulations.

Summer 2001 – We began doing the mailshot of our analytical articles on the acute problems of tax, customs and currency regulation of external economic activity, for the participants of EEA. WE started cooperation with mass media.

17 July 2001 – Creation of a non-commercial partnership “Finance, taxes and law” together with our partners – specialists in accounting, business and financial management. Establishment of new traditions and development of new methods of rendering services for the businessmen in Yekaterinburg and Urals region. Introduction of an analytical problem - solving approach.

July – August 2002 – The image of Sherlock Holmes, chosen as the firm’s trade mark, was brought into life by Yekaterinburg painter Igor Ignatjev.

25 September 2002 – An application for registering the firm’s trade mark was submitted to the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.

27 January 2003 - The fifth edition of the firm’s regulations was registered. The firm’s name was changed to Limited Liability Company “Law Firm “Ardashev and Partners”

July 2003 – Rent of a new office, office enlargement, a conference room for meetings, discussions and seminars.

October 2003 – We began holding seminars under the aegis of our firm.

January 2004 – The firm’s web-site with a clear and easily remembered name ( was created.

8 April 2004 – The firm’s trade mark was registered in the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.

29 June 2004 – The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation began investigating our firm’s complaint about the violation against the constitutional rights of the private lawyers and firms.

16 July 2004 -   According to the order ¹ 15-P of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation p.5 art. 59 of the Arbitral-procedural Code RF forbidding private lawyers to represent the clients’ interests in arbitrage was proved unconstitutional.

16 September 2004 – The First Urals Professional Tax Forum was held in Yekaterinburg. It was devoted to the discussion of the economic-legal consequences of the notorious  Decision of the Constitutional Court ¹ 169-0 dated 8 April 2004.

October 2004 – We began doing a weekly mailshot of the analytical articles written by our firm’s specialists. (“Advice on taxation from”)

25 November 2004 – the first place in the All-Russian trade marks contest “Zolotnik”. The third place in the nomination for “Attractiveness” which again proved the trade mark’s recognition, originality and individual style.

1 February 2005 -  The first Round – Table Discussion was held. Topic: “Tax safety of building companies: how to defend oneself?”

17 March 2005 -   The firm’s tenth anniversary.