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Partnership relations development plan

Dear colleagues, friends, associates!

Our proposal is addressed to everyone who is directly or indirectly related to services to business, who seeks to extend his/her/its potential and is ready to consolidate his/her/its potential resources with comprehensive intellectual resources of our company, which enable us to settle confidently, efficiently, responsibly and comprehensively complex and knowledge-intensive tasks of business in the field of management, law and taxes.

We address both companies and separate specialists, experts, who work in the sectors related to law law, taxes, consulting, audit, appraisal, real estate, corporate disputes, bankruptcy, insurance, business purchase and reorganization, educational services to business, etc., regardless of their geographical position, place of employment, profession and sphere of activities.

Our partners may be representatives of those spheres of activities, services and professions that are in close association with business representatives, cooperate with them, provide them with different professional services, whether it be auditor, accountant, lawyer, financial analyst, consultant, customhouse broker, realtor, independent appraiser, liquidator, etc.

We proceed from the fact that in the century of improvement of competition and market globalization mutually-beneficial consolidation of the effort of specialists is the most operative, most efficient and quickest way to increase competitiveness, the number of clients and the stock of orders.

We consider ideological and economical basis of a partnership as the form of our work with clients, which stipulates achievement of a specific, controlled, measurable economical result for the client (making of profits or saving), active and action-oriented participation of the advisory group at all stages of the corresponding project (beginning with creative concept formation, working out of a program and ending with implementation and practical realization of the corresponding business-stratagem at the Clients company).

Forms of cooperation and partnership we offer are diversified and stipulate a wide choice in respect to professional, career, economic and marketing interests of those who is interested in cooperation with our company.

The following interests may be fundamental for the partnership:

1. Client exchange and cross-sales, mutual recommendation of each other.

2. Consolidation of resources in order to render complex, comprehensive, knowledge-intensive services to clients, realization of joint projects on terms of a pool, syndicate, partnership, agency contract (business protection, including from administrative abused discretion and unscrupulous competitors, investment projects, business purchasing and reorganization; collection of debts, tax and economic disputes, optimization of business processes, simulation of an efficient business structure, organization of holdings and groups of companies, foreign-economic deals, participation in the project as an expert or a group of experts, etc.).

3. Assistance in negotiations with contracting parties, determination of risks, potential, ulterior possibilities or motives, due diligence, development of investment projects, business-plans, new business trends.

4. Territorial, economical, organizational and professional consolidation - partnership, cooperation, joint business (work at the same office, under the same brand, with application of joint resources, etc.).

5. Establishing of new organization departments in other regions subject to the contract for franchising or dealer (agency) agreement.

6. Conclusion of an agency agreement or a contract of agency for the search for clients, presentation of capabilities of the partner (principal), determination of the Clients interests, carrying out of negotiations and conclusion of contracts for the appropriate legal, consulting, auditing and other services with the Client.
In the case of this format of partnership, our company is ready to pay agency fee to its partner (agent) in the amount of 7 to 20% from the value of the contract concluded with the Client with participation (assistance) of the agent.

7. Conduction of joint seminars, trainings (including corporative) at any geographical point in Russia, preparation of complex researches, conclusions, inspections in respect to any points of interest in the field of management consulting, law and taxation.

Address your responses, counteroffers, questions to all the companys communication lines available (telephone, fax, email, postal, courier service).

Managing Partner of the law firm Ardashev&Partners Vladimir Ardashev, or the partner, head of the department of the legal practice in settling economic disputes Sergei Palkin are ready to receive all your calls, questions, any counteroffers.


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Partnership relations development plan

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