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Business management

Defining the clients role in a large science intensive investment project in Uzbekistan Republic as part of a longstanding railway construction project.
Summer 2006

Optimization of the clients business structure (groups of companies) in the sphere of dry hydraulic insulating materials, their future sale and use in construction.
Autumn 2005- spring 2006

The development of business strategy for the clients industrial trading company in order to enter the markets of the Union of Independent States and promote the companys new brand. When developing the strategy management, political, legal and tax aspects are taken into account.
Summer-autumn 2005

All-round help for a big investment project acquisition of an economically unprofitable lumber processing factory in the north of Sverdlovsk region with the intention of its modernization and starting new production.
Summer-autumn 2003


Business management

Protection of rights of taxpayers

Economic disputes and conflicts