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The annual conference “Law Business in the Ural” is a unique event, as there has never been anything of the kind in the regions of Russia.

Adopting the experience of our foreign colleagues and of international unions of lawyers, in particular that of the International Bar Association, the Conference of the Ural Lawyers is aimed at assembling the representatives of all the leading law companies in the Ural. The aim of the Conference is not so much exchange of experience and new methods of organization of a successful law firm as giving the opportunities of establishing new business relations between the colleagues and their consolidation.

The first conference “Law business in the Ural” was conducted on November 17, 2005, on the initiative of the Law firm “Ardashev&Partners” and the group of companies “Taxes and financial law”. Since 2006, the conference has been conducted under the aegis of The Ural Judicial Chamber with the informational support of the Law Firm “Ardashev&Partners" and other firms-members of the Chamber.

The III Annual Conference was conducted on November 22, 2007, 138 participants were present: 120 participants and 18 reporters. The actual topic of the conference assembled guests from different regions of the Russian Federation: Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Tumen, Perm, Tomsk regions, Kazakhstan, Ufa, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The Range of Program Problems of the Conference
1. Actual problems of law company management: development strategies and risks.
2. Trends of development of the market of legal services in Russia.
3. Prospects for legislative control over the legal practice.
4. Problems of organization of a successful judicial (consulting) business. Principles and problems of managing a law firm in conditions of globalization.
5. Organization of a successful law firm based on partnership relations. Russian and foreign experience.
6. Efficient managing of projects and brainpower in a law firm.
7. The spectrum of services rendered by law firms: formation of new products for the clients.
8. Promotion of legal services: particularities of marketing and PR in the law business.
9. Formation of prices on legal services. Pricing policy in relationships with clients.
10. Organization of a group of companies: consolidation of services and firms as a trend of development of the market of legal services.
11. Cooperation of law firms: factors that determine successes and failures in cooperation.
12. Risks of the law business. Efficient managing of professional risks.
13. Technological provision of the successful managing a law firm.
14. Competition at the market of legal services. Russian and international law companies. Adaptation of the strategies of development to the market requirements.
15. Preferences of clients when choosing a law firm. Disadvantages of operation of law firms in the sight of the clients.

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