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Seminars. Round-tables

One of the priorities in the activities of our firm is conduction of seminars-trainings and master-classes on the actual problems of law enforcement.

Educational events our company organizes differ fundamentally both in their form and content from traditional seminars on the legal subject and are application, practical by nature.

Those are not merely seminars where a lecturer reads information for the audience. Actually, those are seminars-trainings where in an interactive, descriptive and accessible form the narrator and the author gives the participants modern methods and technologies of legal and financial protection of the entrepreneurial activities in their different aspects and manifestations, the atmosphere being comfortable, non-formal, suitable for a square talk:

1. Contract law, decrease of entrepreneurial risks of work with contractors;
2. Taxation and tax planning;
3. Relations with power and fiscal authorities;
4. Protection of entrepreneurs rights and interests in judicial authorities;
5. Foreign economic activities, etc.

See the detailed information on the seminars-trainings and master-classes conducted and planned in the corresponding sections of our Russian site:

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