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Our gratitude to our Clients

Probably, this address may seem strange and even fluent to some people, but we consider it absolutely essential, as constant flow of events does not always let us express our gratitude to people whose problems we have to settle. The contrary is commonly the case: our clients thank us for our help. But we cannot afford being in debt and wish to redress the injustice, therefore we address this rather unusual message to our dear Clients.

Dear friends, partners, associates!
Addressing you we cannot call you Clients for that very reason that actually we are partners. Indeed, we are partners, as we help each other consolidating our intellectual and financial resources. And when our help is evident, as it is called a service and is paid by you, however your help to us is of a still greater value for us. This fact makes us address our gratitude to you.

We are grateful to you for your confidence having entrusted us with settling your complex problems. Your confidence and recommendations are our basic capital of a great value, which cannot be purchased for any money once you loose it. This rests responsibility upon us, which in its turn does not let us relax. The more difficult the task, the more interesting to perform it. It is interest, thirst for creative work, love to our profession that are the sources of our professional growth and self-improvement, and not deriving of profit.

Search for a way to settle your problems, our joint victories, attainments and implemented projects bring us joy and delight. Care of your interests and the sense of responsibility determine also our attitude to our job. It is in his attitude to his job that a true professional shows up, and not in a combination of competences. That is why our job ever appears to be favourite and desirable to us. When carrying it out in such a state of mind, we objectively cannot carry it out badly and seek to render top-level services.

We wish you to know that all our restless nights, work on weekends and holidays, delayed vacations, reproaches of our relatives, great psychological and intellectual tension all that is compensated by our interesting and favourite work you provide us with. Thanks to you our job is not a mere source of income. It is our life, self-realization and our favorite occupation.

It is you who acts as an examiner in our life; it is you who makes us investigate the complex legal matter, study hard, purchase new books for our library, write articles and brochures, conduct seminars, hence permanently develop. You are our employer and inspector, our assistant and judge; you are our teacher.

Your high requirements, recommendations, queries, requests, and wishes set high quality standards to out company like an invisible hand. But for you, we would never become professionals, we would never learn to find a way out of any situations, to make decisions and to take responsibility for our words and actions. We know that you treat us according to our deeds and their results; therefore we have no right to a mistake. We have to burn our boats and share the risk of failures and defeats with you, against which nobody can be insured during judicial battles with unpredictable issues.

Thank you that despite risks and doubts you join the bout with the adversary. Thank you for your patience and persistence, resoluteness and courage, but for which we could have never helped you. Any victory, even if a result of our ideas, conceptions, strategies and actions, is our joint victory. Victory gives us assurance and uplifts morale. Thank you that you do not blame us for the defeats, which are inevitable in our work due to its specificity and Femidas queer laws, that you do not lose your heart and move on with us.

Developing together with you, we attain things that cannot be received at any institution of higher education experience and skill of great value. We thank you that you show your patience, attention and tact, help us find mistakes in our work, that is develop us.

Our long-term practice, style, our intellectual potential, after all, our brand all that would not exist without your direct participation, your recommendations and help. Thank you for all that!

Managing Partner of OOO Law Firm Ardashev&Partners
Vladimir Ardashev


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Our gratitude to our Clients