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Gordon Maxim

Gordon Maxim

Leading specialist in tax law

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27 years old, working as a practitioner for 4,5 years, in the sphere of taxation 4,5 years


 1997-2002 The Humanities University, (Yekaterinburg), Faculty of Law
 April 2003 A training course Taxes and Taxation (the Centre of Personnel Development, Russian Ministry of Taxes, N. Novgorod)
 September 2006 March 2007 Tax consultants training programme  (Russian Chamber of Tax Consultants)

Sphere of professional interests: 

Tax law:

Tax risks management and the analysis of companies activity in terms of tax legislation.  Business modeling with the help of tax planning and tax reduction mechanisms.
 Experts reports on tax issues.
 Negotiations with the tax bodies.
 Pre-trial problems solving with the tax bodies.
 Arbitrage representation on tax disputes of any difficulty.
 Advice on tax law application.

Civil law:

 Analysis of possible tax problems for business projects and civil law deals.
 Drawing up civil law contracts taking into account  possible tax problems for both sides.