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Principles of rendering of cervices

What any client should know when initiating a dispute

Stages of analysis of the clients problems

Interaction with the client when rendering services

Stages of analysis of the clients problems

Before getting g down to settling the clients problems, any consultant will always consider the dispute thoroughly, attentively, and deeply not only from the point of view of its legal aspect, but also of the other aspects, which the client may even be unaware of or be mistaken about. Normally, analysis of the clients problem consists of two stages:

STAGE 1: initial acquaintance with the client, his problem and goals. This stage is not a mere formality, as it may seem at first site. It is realized in the form of a confidential, open talk with the client. In its course, specialists of our company do the following by setting literate, correct questions jointly with the client:

) clear out causes of the problem, its prehistory;
) clear our the genesis (development) of the problem that influence its aspects (economic, political, psychological, etc.);
) determine the range of  the parties interested (including indirectly) in the appropriate outcome of the case (opponents, allies);
) clear out the objectives (direct, indirect) the client pursues.

However, we never take for granted everything the client tells us. After we get the information from the client, we always check, check up, compare, analyze it, make objective conclusions and set actual attainable goals jointly with the client and those are the goals of the second stage.

STAGE 2: express-analysis of documents, collection of additional information (facts) and its comparison with that already available. This stage is aimed at verification, adjustment and comparative analysis of the information received from the client with the documents the client (or other persons) at his (their) disposal and new facts.

Based on the express-analysis of the documents and supplemental facts we prepare our summary (brief report), where we express our opinion on the clients problem, specify prospects for its settling, methods and ways of attaining the goal, feasibility and risks related to execution of the judgment, property recovery from the debtor, give practical guidelines to the client.

If the clients goal is actual and attainable, the problem is solvable, and if the client accepts our terms, then another stage is possible.

STAGE 3, optional, authorized by the client (at his request): preparation of a detailed report including formulation of strategy and tactics of attaining of the goals specified, indication of necessary resources and expenses (time and cash) including remuneration to our company and substantial risks.


Principles of rendering of cervices

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