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26.12.07:  The Club of Lawyers: 8th meeting

On December 25, the VIII meeting of the Club of Lawyers took place in Yekaterinburg. The topic of the meeting: Due Diligence of business projects, deals and procedures

21.12.07:  ÕI Ural Professional Tax Forum

On December 20, the Law Firm "Ą&Š" conducted the XI Ural professional Tax Forum "TAX RISKS 2008. Who will be inspected and how?"

07.12.07:  Seminar in Omsk: Contractual Work

On December 7, the seminar-training "CONTRACTUAL WORK and THE ART OF BUSINESS-PLANNING" took place in Omsk. Presenter: V.Ardashev

07.12.07:  Conference IBA

On December 4, Managing Partner "A&P" V.Ardashev participated in the International Conference IBA dedicated to problems of interaction between law companies

28.11.07:  The Club of Lawyers: 7th meeting

On November 27, the VII meeting of the Club of Lawyers of Yekaterinburg took place. The topic of the discussion: "The Art of the legal writing or the Main Weapon of a Lawyer"

23.11.07:  III Conference: Law Business in the Ural

On November 22, the Ural Judicial Chamber with the support of the Law Firm "A&P" conducted the III Annual Conference "LAW BUSINESS IN THE URAL: Operation of a law firm. Development strategies and risks"

21.11.07:  Day of Workers of Taxation Authorities

On November 21, Day of Workers of Taxation Authorities of Russia is celebrated

13.11.07:  Seminar in Perm: Tax Inspections

On November 12, the seminar “THE STATE TAXATION POLICY IN 2008: tax inspections and struggle against “patterns” took place in Perm. Presenter: V.Ardashev

08.11.07:  Seminar on the Corporate Collecting

On November 8, the Law Firm "Ą&Š" conducted the seminar on the corporate collecting. Presenter: D.Zhdanukhin (Moscow)

06.11.07:  10th Anniversary of the Service of Bailiffs

On November 6, 10th anniversary of establishing of the service of bailiffs at the Ministry of Justice of RF was celebrated

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