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17.04.08:  "It's Time to pay Duties.... professionally!"

Vladimir Ardashev and Yaroslav Savin took part in meeting at the Round Table, the topic of which was: The conditions of establishing region department of Tax Consultants' Chamber in Yekaterinburg.

17.04.08:  The Mission will be executable

The Director of Business Structuring and Tax Security Centre Yaroslav Savin took part in Symposium of Tax Consultants' Chamber of Russia (Moscow, 9th of April)

15.04.08:  250 Leading Tax Specialists of Russia are against Russian Constitution Court Inactivity

The Governing Partner Vladimir Ardashev took part in annual V International Scientific Practical Conference "Tax Law in Russian Constitution Court Decrees 2007". (Moscow, 11-12th of April)

10.04.08:  Corporative seminar in AVS-Group

There was a corporative seminar "Novations in Tax Law - 2008" on the 10th of April. The authors and presenters Vladimir Ardashev and Olga Slobtsova were

07.04.08:  The Best Employee of January

Olga Rokina named the Best Employee of March

04.04.08:  The External Economic Activity Masterclass took place

On the 4th of April there was an External Economic Activity Masterlass by Vladimir Ardashev: "EEA: Strategy, Tactics and Technology. Private, Tax, Custom and Currency Aspects".

01.04.08:  The Lawyer ¹1

Vladimir Ardashev Governing Partner of Consulting Group "Ardashev & Partners" has come out on the Top in The Rating of Top-managers of Lawyers Firms in Yekaterinburg

28.03.08:  Sminar in Novosibirsk: Tax Security - 2008

On the 27th of March: Seminar in Novosibirsk - "Tax Security: How not to be in danger and to manage risks". The Author and Presenter Vladimir Ardashev.

25.03.08:  The Lawyer Club: 11th meeting

There was an eleventh meeting of Yekaterinburg lawyer club on the 25th of March. The topic of the meeting: The Contractual Work and Business Planning

21.03.08:  The Birthday of Consulting Group "Ardashev & Partners"

On the 17th of March: Consulting Group "Ardashev & Partners" had 13th Birthday. We recollect the Stages of the Grand Way

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