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Specific character of our services

Characteristic features of our services

The law firm “Ardashev and Partners” provides law services for different kinds of business. Our main clients are businessmen who face various problems in the spheres of law, taxation, management, marketing and even psychology.

It is our clients who make us develop since they give us more and more complicated tasks to accomplish. To do this one needs an analytical mind and a good team of lawyers and consultants.
Our huge potential and experience let us feel rather positive about our future in spite of tough competition which is growing every day. Moreover, competition makes us think better, work harder, constantly develop our skills and, as a result, enhance the quality and complexity of our service. 

Our work is aimed at achieving the desired effect for both the firm and the businessman.  Since we closely communicate with different entrepreneurs we are capable of solving almost any business problem using the tools which are at our disposal.

Our specialization can be briefly described as follows: resolution of the most complicated, out of ordinary, specific legal and tax problems which businessmen face in their economic activity.
Therefore, we are absolutely serious when we call ourselves “a law emergency service”.

Most of our clients have lawyers on the staff or law companies which help them solve their problems. However, it is our firm they turn to when facing some problems which spread far beyond the standard competence of a lawyer on the staff.   Why does it happen so? The answer is simple: we provide reliable and professional help and the client feels comfortable and calm.  One can say that it is not done for free. That is right, but how much are you ready to pay to recover your health or save life? It’s true that sometimes the price does not matter or, to be more precise, it is of secondary importance. The most important thing is the quality of the service which has its economic (legal, psychological) effect.    

The job of a lawyer can be compared to that of a doctor. In the same way that one entrusts his health and life to the doctor, clients entrusts lawyers their property, money, reputation, property guarantees. Doctors should maintain medical secrecy, lawyers –commercial, tax, financial one. While performing a difficult operation a doctor often runs risks and warns the patient about the risk and a possible lethal outcome (sometimes the disease has been neglected for a long period of time, risk is inevitable and a positive medical outcome can not be achieved at all). The same is true for the lawyers. Just like doctors we always warn the client beforehand about possible outcomes and risks offering the most efficient way of “treating the disease” using therapeutic or even surgical methods.

Just like doctors we always diagnose first, find out the causes of a disease and deeply analyze its origin.

Some of our clients turn to us just for the analysis of their present situation and search of the most optimal solution. In this case we work out the project which the client himself brings to life, but this work is definitely supervised. It sometimes works well and is much cheaper for the client since we give him our recommendations which he (his lawyer, accountant) follows in real life.

It is high time for professionals and in the modern world it is considered to be right to trust their opinion. We value our reputation and our clients’ trust. This is our most valuable capital to lose which means to lose everything. We understand this and aspire to correspond to our clients’ expectations. All this gives our clients a firm guarantee of the high quality of our services. 
We constantly improve and extend the range of our services.
Considering our service a product (commodity), we provide a warranty on it, that is we guarantee to do our job well, do our best to achieve our aim. We guarantee high quality of our work.

To support these words with real facts we show our clients our opportunities, experience, technical opportunities, our traditions and specialists who are responsible for solving the clients’ problems and whose efficient work predetermines the overall success.  Our web-site provides detailed information on many of these issues.

All this puts us in a more favourable position in comparison with our colleagues working in large law companies and enterprises where, as a rule, a specialist has to do monotonous, routine job which does not give him opportunities for personal and professional development through doing research, working out fundamental law problems, reading professional books, analyzing law practice, not to mention attendance of seminars and trainings as a part of the self-education process.

In our firm emphasis is laid on the specialists’ cooperation when solving the client’s problems, opportunities for personal and professional development, creativity, openness to new ideas and initiatives, out-of-ordinary decisions which are encouraged, discussed and become exclusive. 

Our specialists’ level of professional development is much higher than that of enterprise lawyers thanks to team work, dynamic development, huge workload and enormous amount of information. By the way, this is another reason why businessmen turn to our help when they face non-standard problems. 

For our specialists resolution of the client’s problem is not just a job to be done. It is a fascinating game, battle, war in which each specialist must show his outstanding qualities and prove to himself, his colleagues and the client that he is a real professional. In the long run, it is all about professional growth and career development. That is why our specialists regard the clients’ problems as their personal problem and do their best to achieve success, accomplish the task in the best way possible, win in court, and demonstrate savvy, cunning and prudence.

There is one thing that helps us achieve success. We do not depend on the client like his lawyer or a chief accountant does, we do not obey his orders. We are autarkic, independent, do not do business together with the client. This enables us to tell the client the truth about his situation no matter how bitter it may be without fear for his anger and resentment.
Sometimes we have to hurt people first to make them feel better afterwards.  This again makes our profession close to that of a doctor.

Our independence lets us choose the ways of solving the client’s problems. We take an active position and do not let even the client interfere with our job in spite of the fact that he is the master. No matter how paradoxical it may sound our extensive experience proves such approach to be right.   An orchestra should have one conductor, an army – one general, a country – one president. The same is true about our job.

As a rule, a certain specialist deals with a certain problem. He is in charge of the whole situation, has detailed information about it, deeply analyses the conflict and works out the strategy taking into account the client’s aims and the principle of efficiency. The specialist in charge constantly discusses his actions and most important steps with the managing partner, however, he does not lose his independence.   

The managing partner usually performs the role of an adviser and exercises control. His main task is to choose the right amount of specialists whose level of professionalism will be enough to solve certain problems. He also coordinates their actions, prioritizes, develops the overall strategy.   

Hard cases are handled by a team of specialists whose work is supervised by the managing partner. Such cases include, for instance, serious tax disputes, bankruptcy cases, disputes over long-term contracts (for example, a building contract).

He who possesses the information, possesses the world.
This saying fully reflects our firm’s ideology. Information is essential for us and we do not save on it. We have a substantial and interesting collection of books, subscription to professional magazines, comprehensive and regularly updated legal databases, special databases on the enterprises in Sverdlovsk region,  as well as databases on licenses, real estate, TIN, telephone numbers, federal and foreign trade marks, patents etc. It goes without saying that we efficiently use the Internet which has recently given us an opportunity to set up the firm’s web-site.

This description of how we render services together with such sections of our web-site as “Mission” and “Our technologies” gives a clear idea about the kind of legal consulting we provide.    

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