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Specific character of our services

About the firmís name, quality of services and guarantees

And finally, I, Ardashev Vladimir Leonidovich, the firmís managing partner and its founder,  should say that the use of my surname in our firmís name is not accidental.

It does not just indicate that I was its founder. This is not just a tribute to a good Anglo-Saxon tradition of putting its foundersí names in the name of the company. Moreover, this is not vanity.  For me this is, first and foremost, personal moral responsibility to the firmís clients who entrusted my colleagues and me to solve their most difficult problems.  

Everyone cares about his good name and reputation. For me it is of supreme importance since my name is in the name of the firm. Thus, it is me who is responsible for the result. This responsibility obliges me, the managing partner and the leading specialist of our firm, as well as all our employees to constantly develop professionally.   We can not lose our clientsí trust since it is our most valuable capital.

That is why we, unlike the majority of our colleagues, do not choose a huge amount of clients as our main priority. It is necessary to realize that a larger amount of clients can lead to a worse quality of services. We can not let this happen. An obvious way out is to quickly react to the changes in demand and supply and provide the financial, technical and, most importantly, intellectual basis for high-quality services for as many clients as possible. Moreover, if the whole process of rendering services is well organized it is possible to constantly improve their quality.

To achieve this we have worked out a special system of the services quality control. Being the firmís director, I am in charge of this system. We pay a lot of attention to this aspect of our work since the quality of our service and the clientsí trust are our main capital and characteristic feature.

We got into the law market of Yekaterinburg 9 years ago and will stay here for good. At the moment our firmís name is not known to a great number of people but thanks to our technologies we can say for sure that we will be among the leaders. And for now on, letís get down to work!


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