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Specific character of our services

Requirements for the specialists of our firm

In spite of the fact that from the legal point of view it is our firm that renders services, in fact it is the people who solve complex problems. That is why, it is essential for the client to know what kind of specialist is going to solve his problem. No wonder that our service as well as medical one is based on trust.

In any profession, law not being an exception, the one who gets his work down to a fine art achieves spectacular results. For the lawyer who has a great variety of tools at his disposal, it is essential to use a creative approach, have a brilliant and agile mind. Perfect knowledge of law alone without these qualities will never make a person a strategist. We strongly believe that a standard way of thinking inevitably leads to failure.  

It is essential for the lawyer to devise strategy, think deeply and carefully, when settling the lawsuit, choosing an optimal business structure, drawing up contracts with contractors etc.   Unlike judges who analyze what happened in the past, we have to analyze the past and the present situation of a businessman in order to foresee what will happen in the future.

Our specialists can do this thanks to their personal traits of character, as well as necessary information and knowledge of certain rules and regularities. Our work is impossible without the lawyers ability to predict how the situation will develop.

Lawyers have to apply law to a real life situation. This is what differs this profession from the others. First and foremost, it is necessary to find out the facts (what we have at the moment, what was before that, what we want to achieve). In order to do this one should be able to analyze and understand any problem be that in the sphere of trade, building, manufacturing, human services or something else.    

When accomplishing a certain task (which he should be able to formulate clearly) the lawyer should be able to see the situation from the clients point of view, perceive the world in the same way as the other person whom he deals with does.

For instance, when settling an argument in court, which was caused by a delivery contract, a lawyer should be able to analyze the situation from the following points of view: 1) manufacturer, supplier, buyer, carrier, forwarding agent, 2) services, departments, subdivisions, the companys officials (project department, manufacturing workshop, quality control department, warehouse, transport department etc.). It goes without saying that since the dispute is settled in court it is important to see the situation from the judges and the opponents points of view.  

The same is true about drafting a delivery contract. To draw up a contract which provides the client with firm guarantees the lawyer should have a clear idea of the whole procedure and steps of bringing it into life: goods manufacturing, its quality and technical characteristics, documents, transportation, goods delivery, possible risks etc.

All this demands from the lawyer ability to communicate, formulate questions, and find answers. Of course, it is impossible to know everything. However, one can ask a certain specialist or an expert for help and find the answer which may lie in the sphere of science or technology.   

The requirements for the specialists in our firm are not just demanding, but very demanding. Moreover, they are rather specific. Only specialists obsessed with their profession, creative, talented, unusual people, who are capable of making their own decisions, can win, persuade, shock and are not afraid of being laughed at will be able to work in our firm. That is the only approach which proves to be efficient nowadays.  

It is obvious that a person who is not capable of generating ideas, working independently, developing professionally and the one who is afraid of taking responsibility can not work in our firm. We manage to create a special atmosphere in our firm which lets a person not just work but rather create! He feels comfortable and confident, has an opportunity to grow professionally and personally which makes him feel pleased with himself. 

It is true that our work is hard and stressful since we often deal with conflicts, disputes and other negative situations. However, these factors do not frighten our specialists because in the long run they can realize their potential to the utmost, acquire valuable knowledge, develop new skills - all this can hardly be done in an ordinary firm. All the above mentioned things trigger the specialists development and help him enhance the quality of his work thus successfully solving the clients problems.

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